Weird new cereal turns milk red to normalise menstruation talk

There’s a new cereal on the market called ‘Period Crunch’ and it’s made of tiny raspberry flavoured uteruses that turn the milk red… yum?

A Swedish feminine care company INTIMINA that produces menstrual cups have released a new product that is kind of along the same lines except this product is edible.

Dubbed ‘Period Crunch’, the new breakfast treat is a red raspberry flavoured cereal that was created to de-stigmatise talking about periods around the breakfast table.

The company said they want to “encourage families to discuss menstruation more openly, even at the breakfast table.“

Maybe I’m alone here but I feel lucky enough to be able to bring up my menstruation at any and all meals but, I know I must live in a bubble of sorts.

The brand cited a recent survey that found 48% of adults are still embarrassed to talk about it while 77% said they don’t regularly mention periods in their life. Most alarmingly 88% of people failed to even correctly locate the uterus on a body.

While I do feel oh so free to talk about my reproductive system whenever I want, it’s not really something I think of when I’m eating but thankfully, all that could change for good with Period Crunch.

Apparently, you can’t actually order the period-themed cereal (just yet?) but you can get a free box if you contact INTIMINA.