Perth's FOAM rock hard and fast on The Feeling Is Mutual

Who said the days of dreary sludgy punk were long gone? Well who ever it was, Perth’s garage punk trio FOAM were clearly not convinced. Since the release of their first EP Sarpa Salpa way back in July of 2012, they’ve been relentlessly stacking upon an ever growing list of achievements to their name; including now three EP’s under their belt, winning the triple J unearthed Big Day Out competition, playing to numerous sold out crowds and even getting rowdy with Brisbane legends DZ Deathrays on their national tour in May last year.


Need the perfect soundtrack for punching your boss in the face? Then look no further than You Look Nothing Like Your Picture, But I Like You Still.

The Feeling Is Mutual is the group’s third EP and that’s not including a very tantalizing split with Perth’s stoner rockers PUCK, which was released earlier this year. This alluring seven track EP delivers an electrifyingly intense 20 minutes of raw hard-hitting alternative punk energy, which holds ties very reminiscent of the 90’s grunge movement. While this EP indubitably boasts it’s influences ranging from the likes of Nirvana, Greenriver, Mudhoney and The Breeders; FOAM however still manage to find their own ground in an era where such influences are now held as mere artifacts of the past.

The EP opens all guns blazing with the monstrous track Four Men Enter A Room. Right off the bat this track delivers everything you would crave from a FOAM release; explosive guitar riffs, punchy drum beats and savaging scorching vocals. The distorted rambles coming through on vocals sound as if they had been blasted through a megaphone then crushed to the soul, flawlessly complementing the energy of the dirty bass lines and squalling guitars throughout. This track is utterly destructive and downright abrasive in its sheer chaos, my only guess is the four men who happened to enter that room most likely never came out.

You Look Nothing Like Your Picture, But I Like You Still was the first single off the EP and unlike the title, the track its self is actually rather short, only just scraping the tight two-minute mark making it the shortest track on the EP. So we have a two minute track coming from a group of relentless punk’s. By putting the two and two together I think this gives you a vague idea of what to expect; blaring guitar grooves and two minutes of non-stop relentless energy.

Right from the first vocal chants of “Who gives a fuck” this track instantly makes you want to drop whatever you’re doing in a fit of rage, punch your boss in the face, and reek havoc to all those who stand in your way. You’ve been warned; this track is a shot of adrenalin straight to the heart.

So the shortest track on this EP was nothing short of badass, now I’m sure you’re asking yourself about the longer tracks, do they stack up? Well simply put yes, yes they do. Warm happens to be the longest track grinding on four minutes. Of all the tracks on this EP Warm delivers what is arguably one of the most infectious hooks, or even one of FOAM’s most infectious hooks to date. Warm is a really contagious and well-rounded track, which truly captures a level of maturity from the band. It’s tracks like this, which genuinely capture FOAM’s undeniable potential to rise and shine amongst an ever-growing scene of acts and artists.

Honestly The Feeling Is Mutual is my personal favourite FOAM release thus far, and if you happen to be a 90’s rock fanatic this is unquestionably an EP you must delve into. It’s packed with great songwriting, infectious hooks, explosive guitar riffs, thunderous drums, roaring vocals and some fresh production. However in spite of all this, FOAM to me is still a band with plenty of potential and more to give. They are a step closer toward slowly crafting their own identity, branching away from their influences, however they’re not quite there yet. I feel it is only a matter of time before this band with potential blossoms into a band that truly stands alone.

If you yourself are a Perth local, make sure you catch FOAM’s The Feeling Is Mutual EP launch party live at The Bakery on March 27th.