Phantogram’s new single will pull you into a dark electronic trance

Returning from a recent hiatus in incredible form are the EDM powerhouses Phantogram with a new single that proves exactly why they have been made the chief architects of the scene right now.

In A Spiral feels like a track which foreshadows a sense of impending doom. Amazingly the pair use this sensation to the effect of the song, smashing you with a piece that puts you on edge in thrilling and spontaneous way.

In A Spiral testifies to Phantogram’s characteristic ability to navigate eclectic musical landscapes and deliver something that’s dynamic, functional and accessible.

Early on we’re taken aback by the cowboy-ish tones of a tasty guitar lick, which hands us the desert aesthetic which inspired the duo during the track’s recording at the iconic Rancho De La Luna studios, also the birthplace of Josh Homme’s Desert Sounds mixtape, deep in the Californian nowhere.

Josh Carter masterfully manipulates a range of analog synths to create a balanced layering of high and low-end electronic frequencies staple to PHANTOGRAM’S complex but approachable sound.

Perhaps the most gripping element of the track, however, is the hard-hitting hip-hop style beat which gives us big Run the Jewels vibes and forms a solid rhythmic backbone for Sarah Barthel’s dynamic vocal range and edgy lyricism.

There’s a sense of constant suspense within the almost overbearing tones of Carter’s dark synths, yet the driving rhythm of the drums coalesces perfectly with Barthel’s transient and echoey vocals to produce an enchanting effect on the listener. You’ll be left satisfactorily exhausted when finally released from the intoxicating grip of Phantogram’s sonic spell.

In A Spiral is the third of Phantogram’s recent single releases since announcing their return, perhaps the precursor to a new album which would be massive news if we can expect more of the same quality their singles have demonstrated.

Phantogram will be an act to keep on eye on as they continue to take the EDM scene in brand new and exciting directions with their genre-spanning pop-hop sound.


In A Spiral is out now via Caroline Australia.