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Sonnox’s Oxford Drum Gate – a rhythmically intuitive gate plugin

One of the challenges with gating drums is the ability for gates to respond to real time information and nuance.

The Oxford Drum Gate is Sonnox’s intelligent new gate plugin that can meet this demand. It can learn rhythms and playing styles with unprecedented sophistication and adjust accordingly. Oxford Drum Gate

Sonnox has created a masterpiece plugin for polishing drums. The Oxford Drum Gate is a gate that intelligently detects subtle rhythmic and dynamic variations in a drum performance.

Conventional gate/expander plugins rely solely on input level and as a result, are limited in their ability to cope with human performance. Oxford Drum Gate uses precise transient detection and intelligent drum-type matching to separate the hits you want from the spill you don’t.

There are 3 main menus in this plugin – Detection, Decay and Leveller. Detection is your one-click solution to isolating a specific drum hit. Decay is your defence against choked unmusical drums hits. The plugin creates decay curves which adapt to the velocity of each drum hit, giving you consistent spill reduction on dynamic performances. Simply use the adaptive Decay section to quickly focus on the resonance of each drum.

Finally, the Leveller’s dual-target and amount controls let you improve level consistency without losing dynamic contrast. Other features include custom drum profiles, spectral decay editor and real-time MIDI output and MIDI file capture.

To get more info on this plugin as well as others from Sonnox, visit their website.