Pig Man Lives Volume 1: Ty Segall drops a career-spanning box set

Ty Segall has just announced the release of an expansive box set featuring a collection of his works between 2007-2017 across four sumptuous LPs.

If the box set sounds anything like its cover artwork (a half-nude pig man reading a book about hot dogs), then we’re surely in for a rowdy treat.

The box set titled Pig Man Lives Volume 1 will include a stack of unheard demos as well as the tracks we know and love from Ty Segall.

Originating from Orange County in San Francisco, Segall’s roots in grunge and indie psychedelia have paved the way for what has been described as the garage-rock revival. In addition to his solo career, Segall has combined forces with notable psych and garage-rock outfits including WAND, Fuzz and Sic Alps, adding to the diverse plethora of music which distinguishes his sound.

The box set should create some cohesion among the 12 records that Segall has released to date, with the demos to provide insight to the origins of some more memorable works across his lengthy solo career. 

The box set is set to be released on the November 1st through Drag City Records, the label with which Segall’s own label GOD? is strongly affiliated.

Pre-order Pig Man Lives Volume 1 via the Drag City Records website.