The Double Dreamer overdrive proves that two heads are better than one
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The Double Dreamer overdrive proves that two heads are better than one

JAM pedals are serving up a dynamic duo of creamy tones with the Double Dreamer.

The unit smashes together two of the company’s favourite boutique stompboxes for one versatile gain machine. The individual pedals being the delicious Tube Dreamer and Lucy Dreamer.

doubledreamer pedal

The Double Dreamer is the new bright idea from JAM pedals. This gem packs twice the tone, twice the versatility and all the looks.

The pedal is split into two circuits with a footswitch for activating each. The centre footswitch is a high-gain boost that can be assigned to left, right or both circuits using the toggle switch. As for the circuits themselves, the left-hand side hosts the Tube Dreamer.

The Tube Dreamer, although an homage to the classic 808 tube screamer, takes it one step further. 3 diodes lay under the hood for asymmetrical clipping instead of symmetrical, enhancing the responsiveness of the pedal. The Tube Dreamer side comes with level, tone and gain controls, to provide warm and rich overdriven sound through any amp.

On the right side, the Lucy Dreamer is a Dry/Wet overdrive which has less of a mid hump than the Tube Dreamer, allowing for more low end to come through. The M mix control lets you blend between your clean and dirty signal. This can make for some interesting combos using the high gain feature for exciting new gain structures. Customary level, tone and gain controls are also present for dialling in just the right amount of distorted tone.

The Double Dreamer also includes internal dip switches that reroute the IN and OUT jacks to work as Send-Returns for each Overdrive side. This allows you to individually engage each side with your switcher, or place them in different points in your signal chain. If you are using a stereo setup you can pair the TD side with one amp and the LD side with another for lush parallel overdrive sounds.

For more info on the Double Dreamer and the full range of JAM pedals visit their website.