Jump on Adelaide’s Stray Charley before they blow up, you won’t regret it

Having recently burst onto the Adelaide scene, indie-rock outfit Stray Charley have dropped their debut single Pass Me By and it’s absolutely dripping with charm.

Blending rock, blues and one hell of a sticky chorus, Stray Charley will sing you all the way to Summer.

Stray Charley

Stray Charley have unleashed a soaring single of sonic proportions. Pass Me By is the perfect encapsulation of blues-rock Summer bliss.

Emerging from the Adelaide hills like the phantasmagoric spirits of some potent source, Stray Charley have plunged into the scene with a splash. Their debut single Pass Me By is an exceptional example of how to do a single right, and their keen eye and ear for song craft is what makes this such a killer track.

Delving into the local pub circuits and various house parties the Adelaide four piece have begun the origins of what makes a lot of Australia’s greatest bands. Kicking things off with the warm chatter of friends and clink of glasses one can’t help but remember the good old days. And that’s before a brilliantly familiar, ear worm of a riff slides into the picture.

The repeated hook, “Pass Me By”, can never be heard enough. It’s so catchy it’s almost illegal and has all the makings of great Aussie rock slapped all over it. If this is any indication of things to expect in the forthcoming EP, this could absolutely be one hell of a release.

Check out Pass Me By below:

The jangly guitar chords wash in like sea foam, cresting on a wave of ever building optimism. The harmonies float effortlessly above the delectable chorus and nothing is overworked. This is a band who know when to add parts and when to give it space. Thus, each part purposefully interlocks crafting a beautiful mosaic of music.

Believe me if you’re going to be dreaming of Summer this long weekend, chuck Pass Me By on the playlist and give it a spin or three. You absolutely won’t regret it and will be able to claim you knew them before they blew up.