Listen to Pisco Sour’s wistful single ‘Sleep’ ahead of debut EP ‘How Much Is Too Much?’

With their lead single Sleep, Pisco Sour ready audiences for what’s sure to be their breakout moment ahead of their debut EP How Much Is Too Much? 

The anticipation around Pisco Sour’s imminent EP How Much Is Too Much? has reached fever pitch, but we’ve thankfully already had a taste of what’s to come in the form of the wistful lead single Sleep.

A nostalgia trip in every sense of the word, the guitar-led single is about as heavenly as music can get, carried by a pensive guitar melody and rich, brooding vocals. 

Pisco Sour 'Sleep'

There’s a blissful simplicity to the fittingly-titled Sleep, which makes use of sparse instrumentation in favour of leisurely mellowness.

While there’s much to be said about Pisco Sour’s restraint, that’s not to say the track is without texture. The band add complexity to the production with subtle percussion and glittery hi-hats, as well as layered harmonies that feel like a sonic reverie. 

While melancholia brims at every moment of the track, Sleep also feels like quintessential indie-rock, with fuzzy strums, jangly melodies, and overall acoustic feel that feels altogether sun-drenched.

Pairing their lush sound with equally enrapturing songwriting, Sleep sees Pisco Sour sketch a portrait of a woman facing dejection.

Pisco Sour 'Sleep'

The jaded subject is painted with vividness and candour imagery, from her “tired eyes” to the “scars and marks [that] don’t fade away.”

It’s a universal vignette of a sleepless woman that pairs perfectly with the track’s sombre tune, with the result proving entirely transcendent.

You’ll undeniably want to hear more by the time Sleep reaches its end, and that promise of new music is thankfully on the horizon, with the remainder of Pisco Sour’s How Much Is Too Much? EP set for release on December 1. 

Pisco Sour 'Sleep'

Sleep forms part of the tracklist of the Pisco Sour’s forthcoming project, which includes four additional songs in what’s sure to be a breakout moment for the Melbourne five-piece.

It will mark the band’s return to form following a brief hiatus in 2022, and will follow an impressive string of headline shows that this year saw them perform at sold out venues like the Northcote Social Club, and the Leadbeater Hotel. 

Pisco Sour 'Sleep'

If Sleep is anything to go by, then we’re in for a real treat, or as Pisco Sour’s fans would say, the Year of The Pisco.

Listen to the Melbourne band’s latest single Sleep below, and keep an eye out for their debut EP How Much Is Too Much? due out at the top of next month.