Pitch Black has never been more interesting thanks to Seekae’s LYNX performance at the Seymour Centre

Seekae pitch black
On the eve of ghosts and ghouls running amok on Halloween, a select few guests made their way to Sydney’s Seymour Centre for a very special performance by Seekae hosted by top male grooming brand LYNX.

Dubbed LYNX Pitch Black, the event promised to be a unique multi-sensory experience, with any other details remaining close to the chest. What the audience experienced was a performance that went from sensory deprivation to sensory overload.

Lynx Pitch Black video

LYNX Pitch Black deliver Seekae like you’ve never seen them before, in the dark! VICE and Chris Hill filmed the performance which you can see on Noisey.

The event name Pitch Black wasn’t for show, as Seekae played with the Everest Theatre engulfed in darkness while those in attendance we treated to the promised multi-sensory experience. Bubbles and confetti rained down from above while people were treated to gentle massages and being tickled with feathers. Posts on social media have hailed the event nothing short of epic.

Don’t worry if you missed out though, Chris Hill, director at Exit Films, and the crew from VICE were on hand for the night to capture the experience on film with an array of UV, thermal and night vision cameras. The footage will be released early this month on Noisey as a video.

If you’re familiar with Hill’s previous work then you’ll know he is a guy who knows how to capture dynamic ambiences and emotions. He is well regarded for his work on Ford’s Eco Boost campaign, which saw him receive the Young Directors Award at the 2012 Cannes Lions, and the music video for Cut Copy’s Free Your Mind. His style displays a profound sense of intimacy and cinematic style.

Head to Noisey to check out the video!