Pitt the Elder – Who’s On First

Pitt the Elder have just started to make a name for themselves on the Melbourne post-punk scene with their debut single Who’s on First. The band are made of two former members of Aitches with guitarist Shaun Scanlan and drummer Matt Yates, followed by the addition of female lead vocalist Emma Thulborn and bassist Jai Kennett. This move has left their band with an angry White Lung or Bikini Kill feel.

pitt the elder

Melbourne’s pop punk scene just got better with Pitt the Elder and their debut single Who’s On First. It’s grungy and full of attitude – just what a good old punk hit should be.

The band seem to slip into a slightly more poppier realm, without betraying a quintessentially punk sound. If you need a further reason to get on board, their sound instantly jumps out at you which is probably why they were announced on a list of Triple J Unearthed Soundwave Competition winners, and scored a spot of Soundwave’s 2012 line up.

Despite their name, Pitt the Elder seem like a relatively friendly post punk band and Thulborn’s quintessentially Australian singing style somewhat reinforces this. Like all good punk, Who’s On First is an ‘angry shaking my fist at the world’ track, potentially ridding them of the frustrations from being working class musicians. Thulborn takes us through a journey of her day  in the chorus: “Everybody’s wondering who’s on first, and everybody’s working overtime just to get their foot in the door. Takes so long to get somewhere and then you see it crumble and fall.” Well, with the current state of the music industry, can you really blame them?

The Melbourne music industry just keeps spitting out really strong and unique post punk, like the stuff  Pitt the Elder have been putting out and we think the band and the music scene are only going to grow in strength. Might as well get on board the riff now, eh?



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