Pizza For Breakfast. Cereal At 3am from Marcus owns hip-hop on

Pizza For Breakfast. Cereal At 3am from Marcus: hip-hop has never tasted so good

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Pizza For Breakfast. Cereal At 3am; we can all relate to that feeling. Marcus, Melbourne’s mixture of Heems and The Weeknd has released a superb fourteen track collection of lyrical anecdotes that showcase his impeccable ability to tell a story through words and sounds, creating vivid and sentimental images.

Marcus Pizza for Breakfast

Pizza For Breakfast. Cereal At 3am from Marcus is an incredible album with finesse and vision that reinvigorates the hip-hop scene.

Recently I talked about all things Baro and how amazing it is to finally see some magic Aussie hip-hop/rap makings. Marcus and Baro are related through not only being genuinely great at what they do, but their joint project, 90’s RD, which Marcus was a founding member. It seems July has been the month to celebrate Melbourne for rejuvenating and reviving this country’s place in rap.

Speaking of how he wrote Pizza For Breakfast. Cereal At 3am Marcus remarked “I just wanted to put my ideologies and everything I’ve learned thus far in music, in my life – just drawing off anything that inspires me, and laying out a story about the life of a creative in a metaphorical sense and it sort of just wrote itself once I channelled that correctly“.

A fresh taste of consciousness, Marcus has appeared from cyberspace and angelically landed in the palm of lucky listeners, gracing them with smooth sound loops and songs. Pizza and cereal, an odd combination never tasted so good. Marcus’ production on his breakout debut is a dream. There is a lot of wit in song number five, Lame Ass Love Song: Breaking Vents II, references to women and Kendrick Lamar with a touch of style and class. Marcus has said that his aim was to make a collection of songs that he himself enjoys listening to.

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Wheniminthespot features good pal Baro and sounds like a recreation of Flying Lotus and Earl Sweatshirt teaming up for Between Friends. Marcus’ energy is urgent, something that has been absent in Australian hip-hop that has been going on for too long, and maybe voices such as Baro and Marcus can represent the light in this crucial situation.

All these songs were tied together by a loose concept, that being the mysterious pizza for breakfast and cereal at 3am combination. As Marcus explains “If you listen to the album, you’ll see that you begin the loop at Cereal At 3am, so that’s where the concept side of the album starts… and as it progresses you end up at Pizza For Breakfast – you can pick up and start the story at any of these tracks and listen through coherently“. If I were not mistaken, Marcus is performing slam poetry over sophisticated beats and beating everyone else at the gig.

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