PLANTS share their top five favourite songs to garden to

Okay, first thing’s first. If you haven’t already watched PLANTS’ new video for Electric Blue, stop what you’re doing and go watch it now. It’s one of the best clips we’ve seen this year (and we’ve seen a lot).

Since the video’s release, we’ve felt an odd compulsion to be more involved with the plants in our lives. Luckily, the band themselves have just shared a playlist of songs that are perfect to spin while tending to your plants. Take it away PLANTS…

Fresh off the release of their incredible debut video for Electric Blue, Sydney outfit PLANTS share five songs that’ll help you get closer to the wonderful plants in your life.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Sense

Our Saturday morning gardening ritual starts with listening to the King Gizzard album Paper Maché Dream Balloon. The mellow yellow vinyl artwork is pleasing on our sleepy eyeballs, and the first song from the album Sense is the perfect accompaniment to a wander through the garden in the morning light. Our Frangipani tree likes to whisper sweet nothings to us when we play music that she likes, and she whispers the sweetest nothings when we play this song for her. She sways gently to the jazzy acoustic guitar and sensual woodwind melodies, showering us in her beautiful summer flowers as we shower her with the watering can.

Babe Rainbow – Supermoon

Everyone knows that tomatoes love sunshine, but the real secret to a juicy Roma tomato is to harvest them under a supermoon. Earlier this year we travelled to Italy to film our music video for Electric Blue. The Italians are experts at growing tomatoes, and they imparted us with this handy supermoon tomato harvesting knowledge. In January 2018 we had a blue supermoon, so upon our return to Camperdown, we set out to pick our tomatoes under the electric blue sky. The cherry tomatoes were a little bit green so we thought we would encourage them by playing them their favourite Babe Rainbow song Supermoon. By the end of the song, they had ripened perfectly. We put them on some tasty ciabatta bread with some of Francesca’s buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil from our garden. What a treat.

Dumbo Gets Mad – Indian Food

One morning we were tending to our eggplants in the backyard when our friend Ben Wright Smith introduced us to the band Dumbo Gets Mad. The song Indian Food came on and it really made an impression on us, and on our eggplants, who kept asking us to repeat the song for them. We happily obliged, and for the next ten days straight we played the song Indian Food to our eggplants. Eventually, the eggplants turned into a blue colour – an electric blue colour. In honour of our eggplants, which we used in a delicious blue babaganoosh, we named our debut song after them – Electric Blue.

Mildlife – Zwango Zop

We have a particularly zany zucchini plant named Zachary who has a penchant for trippy reverb vocals, djembe beats and synthy goodness. Zac’s favourite band of 2018 is Mildlife, and he seems to respond best to their song Zwango Zop. He likes listening to it most in the afternoon sun as we refresh him with a gentle sprinkling of water and fertiliser. We think the reason his zucchini flowers are so tasty is because he has such impeccable musical taste. He asks us to stuff his flowers with feta, zesty lemon juice and a dash of Zwango Zop.

Sometimes we feel guilty for eating his flowers, but he tells us nothing gives him greater joy than to share his bounty with us.

Total Giovanni – Can’t control My Love

This swinging tune was the theme song to our lounge room this year. After laying down some of our demos we’d meet up with friends for a refreshing drink and invariably end up back at our place for a living room boogie. This was usually the first song we’d play and it would always set the mood perfectly for some late night grooving. Our umbrella tree probably has the best dance moves out of any of our friends, which we’d attribute to its expressive spirit fingers and long limbs. When we’re having fun with our friends we like to offer him a cool glass of ginger, lime and icy water, which sends him and his leaves off into disco land. We just can’t control our love for the plants in our life and we hope this list inspires you to build a healthy relationship with the plants in your life. Treat them right, water them by day and by night, play them these excellent tunes and let them absorb the musical light.

Electric Blue is available now. Watch the new video here.