The Rise of Plant-Based Milks: How Musicians and Minor Figures are Changing the Game

We take a deep dive into the rise of the plant based milk movement with the leader of the pack – Minor Figures

The world of music embraces conscious living, and veganism is taking center stage. Whether driven by dietary restrictions, animal welfare concerns, or environmental responsibility, musicians are leaving their mark on the plant-based movement.

Legendary figures like Paul and Linda McCartney, vocal advocates since the 70s, and chart-topping stars like Billie Eilish, passionate about animal welfare and sustainability, are using their voices to inspire a plant-based wave.

Minor Figures Needle In The Hay

From rocker Travis Barker, to R&B songstress Jhené Aiko, who both credit veganism with improving their well-being, to electronic music pioneer Moby, who owns a couple of vegan restaurants – the list goes on, Fiona Apple, Ariana Grande, RZA, Stevie Wonder, Thom Yorke, Miley Cyrus and Sia, these influential artists are proving that compassion and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand with a thriving musical career, demonstrating that positive change can be embraced by all walks of life.

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Plant-based milk is having a moment, and it’s not just a fad. With sales skyrocketing and cafes overflowing with oat, almond, and soy options, it’s clear that a shift is happening in how we consume beverages. But what’s driving this “moo-vement” away from dairy and towards plant-based alternatives? Let’s delve deeper into the reasons behind this growing trend.

Environmental Concerns: There is a huge raising of awareness when it comes to the environmental impact of dairy farming, including its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and water usage. Plant-based milks offer the ultimate eco-conscious choice.

Health and Wellness: Plant-based milks are a healthier alternative to dairy, often containing less saturated fat and sometimes boasting additional vitamins and minerals, that supports a growing focus on personal health and well-being.

Dietary Needs and Preferences: Lactose intolerance and veganism are prompting individuals to seek non-dairy alternatives. Plant-based milks are a no brainer – that provide delicious and readily available options.

Innovation and Choice: Gone are the days of limited options! Today, supermarkets and cafes offer a diverse range of plant-based milks, catering to every taste preference and dietary restriction under the sun.

Taste: Lets hear it for the obvious it, they are delicious, a total taste bomb if ever there was.

minor figures best plant based milk

Among the rising stars in the plant-based milk scene is Minor Figures. Founded by baristas, Minor Figures understands the importance of taste and texture. Their oat milk boasts a smooth, creamy consistency and a subtle sweetness, making it a perfect complement to coffee, both for latte art and pure enjoyment.

But Minor Figures isn’t just about deliciousness, they wear their art on their sleeves, and are as cool as fuck. They prioritize sustainability, using only certified organic ingredients and employing eco-conscious practices throughout their production process. This dedication to the environment is a no brainer for consumers seeking plant-based alternatives that align with their values.

Minor Figures’ commitment extends beyond their product. They actively support the music industry – this is where the cool af factor comes into play – sponsoring independent artists and events. Shout out to Minor Figures for partnering with us for our annual NITH comp!

In a short time, Minor Figures has carved out a space in the plant-based milk market,  and with their dedication to quality, environmental responsibility, and supporting the arts, they’re proving that oat milk can be more than just a beverage – it can be a force for positive change.

If you are keen on learning more head about Minor figures head here – btw, they have a very addictive lil game we highly recommend.

The Future of Flavour: While dairy milk remains a player for now, the rise of plant-based alternatives is undeniable. They’re offering delicious and sustainable options for everyone, potentially influencing broader dietary trends in the future. So next time you grab a coffee, don’t be surprised to see a variety of plant-based milks on offer, ready to swirl up a future of flavour and sustainability. Remember, whether you’re a rock legend or a coffee shop regular, every choice, big or small, can contribute to a more compassionate and sustainable world.

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