Poladroids drop their ultimate 80s synth track, Goodbye & Goodnight

South Australian synth lords Poladroids have returned bigger and a little bit weirder than ever! To celebrate all things Halloween, the hybrid electro-rock group dropped their spooky new vid for Goodbye & Goodnight!

“They either make you mosh, rave or whichever way you want to move! They’re a hybrid electronic-rock band that dabble in other genres from R&B, electro, and indie rock styles.”

The Poladroids have returned in all their 80s inspired synth glory with their futuristically dreamy new single, Goodbye & Goodnight.

The new clip, directed by Alex R. Graham, encompasses all the layers of a teen cult classic, with a freaky psychological thriller twist. Featuring Jasmine Armfield and some pretty convincing actors, this new release is utterly mesmerising.

As an instrumental 4-piece, they challenge themselves by collaborating with a range of vocalists to maintain diversity in their repertoire and create exposure for every local artist involved.”

The group have encompassed a truly unique blend of contemporary music, and the taste-making retro elements of old-school electronic. The track is the perfect combination of high energy danceable grooves and chilled out mellow production.

“Just by adding a ‘d‘ to Polaroid, their name represents themes of combining retro and futuristic elements. Like their name, they combine new and old sounds with the 70s and 80s analog synthesizers, digital samplers and iPad apps.”

Check out the spooky new vid below!

“Although electronic hardware can be notorious in some people’s opinions (“instruments with no soul”), Poladroids have the best of both worlds by blending it with live drumming, guitars and even saxophone for that traditional human touch!”