Ponzi traces sonic universes and dreamy soundscapes on ‘Call You’

During turbulent moments, we often find ourselves turning to music as a way to dissolve our surroundings. Glistening hooks serve as a source of comfort, teaming gardens of melody allow us to process the world through rose-coloured glasses. Whether they are aware of it or not, artists spend their days forging sonic havens for audiences to escape in. Ponzi is one of these artists.

At just 19, the Katherine local is tracing an oasis on the velvety walls of indie-rock. Blending dreamy vocals, the earthiness of rock-adjacent riffs, and a universe unfurled among lyrics, Tom Fawkner is immersing audiences in a much-needed sonic spirituality. His latest single Call You is a shining example of this endeavour.

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Ponzi (a.k.a Tom Fawkner) has the ability to spin songs into an Eden and his latest single is certainly no exception. Unleashed through misty vocals yet grounded in the sharpness of rock, Call You is a masterpiece of sonic escapism.

Surprisingly enough, the Northern Territory local is only a newcomer to the industry. Despite only releasing his debut EP back in April, Fawkner is producing tracks that could be the work of music’s greats. Before I’m Grey travels to four very distinct soundscapes, each boasting its own texture and nuance. Where Stars paints the sojourn of night-time through ’80s flavours, In My Mind releases a psych-rock force that Kevin Parker himself would be proud to write.

Call You continues this expedition into the realm of indie-rock. The entire track feels as though you are looking up into the night sky while laying against the cold earth. In that moment, you feel infinite, free, yet aware of your surroundings. The way Ponzi paints this visual is nothing short of genius. He allows his melodies to unchain, streaming his vocals into a celestial air. Yet, he grounds the entire song in the familiarity of bass, drum, and guitar. Call You observes the universe from a place of comfort: a lush forest from which to explore any and all of life’s qualms.


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In this case, Ponzi opts for the complexities of young love. “This track started with the opening guitar riff and originally had a different chorus,” the songwriter explains. “I sat on it for a while because it was just… meh. Until one day I changed the chorus to the one you hear today. That change got me really keen and after that, the rest just came together so naturally.”

“Earlier this year, I put out my debut E.P. ‘Before I’m Grey’ which focused more on songwriting and capturing youthful innocence than production, unlike ‘Call You’ where along with trying to capture the essence of a young, blossoming relationship, I wanted to display my production ability and ideas more obviously.”

With a move to Perth on the cards and a treasure trove of artistic ability at his fingertips, there’s no denying that Ponzi is a force to be reckoned with.

Check out Call You below: