Apparently, a whole lot of people are searching for ‘Among Us’ on Pornhub

Pornhub have released their latest stats and it turns out people are really horny for Among Us, and all I have to say is: fair enough.

Gaming and sex. What’s not to love? Well, apparently, a lot of people do love both of them. Together. According to some recent Pornhub stats, there’s been a sharp increase in users hitting that search button in order to find some smoking hot Among Us content on the world’s largest porn site.

It was only late last month that Pornhub released a new batch of insights that pinned Super Mario as one of the most popular gaming searches on the site, with related terms spiking 142% around the time of the game’s 35 year anniversary. Wholesome.

pornhub among us

Whilst Among Us was originally launched by developer InnerSloth back in June 2018, it wasn’t until it began to receive mainstream recognition this year (when it was picked up by high profile Twitch streamers and YouTubers) that it started to pop up in porn searches.

Pornhub explains that it was then that gaming site Kotaku reached out to them to see if the increase in the game’s popularity had carried over to their site.

Well, turns out it most certainly had.

“Searches containing ‘Among Us’ began picking up around September 1st and reached their peak on September 16th, with nearly 700,000 searches in a single day! Since September, there have been 4.7 million searches!” Pornhub described.

“With average daily searches of 115,000, ‘Among Us’ currently rivals Pornhub’s most searched games such as Fortnite.”

among us pornhub


Not sure exactly what was going on around September 14, but it was about this time that a new update for the game rolled out. Perhaps it was just everyone who hadn’t downloaded the new version simply trying to get their Among Us fix elsewhere?

Of course, we may never have the answer. But what we do have is a whole stack of Among Us porn floating around the web. So, if you’re that way inclined, you know where to go.

Otherwise, there’s always Marge and Homer’s sex tape.