Pornhub launches sex education series, teaching the difference between sex and porn

Pornhub has released a series of sex education videos on its website, covering everything from the basics to pandemic sex for its more inexperienced viewers.

Sex can be quite challenging to talk about when you’re young and inexperienced. For many teens and young adults, it can be difficult to know who to ask. Increasingly, young people are gaining their sexual education from porn videos. However, the problem is that mainstream porn is nothing like real sex.

In response to this widening knowledge gap, Pornhub has launched a new series over the weekend, aimed at its younger clientele, to teach them all about safe and realistic sex.

pornhub sex ed
Photo: Enda Bowe/Hulu

Pornhub is the Internet’s leading pornographic site and attracts 100 billion views yearly. With more categories than a Starbucks menu, it can be difficult to decipher what is “normal” sex and what is just Pornhub wildin’. Is it normal to be pegged by your next-door neighbour? How likely is it that the burglar will barge into my room and feel up my wife while I watch? These are the questions we need to know…

Obviously, I am joking about the latter two examples. But for real, the porn industry has created unrealistic imagery for sex. Penis sizes are exaggerated, positions are complicated, and loads of moaning. It can be easy to replicate what you see on the screen despite how inauthentic it may seem, or worse, porn can make what is natural in the bedroom seem boring or wrong.

Pornhub has increasingly become the primary educator for sex. With schools often skirting around the topic or teaching abstinence instead of real and candid sexual education, it came to no surprise when a 2015 report found that more than 60 per cent of students were using porn to learn about sex over anything else.

Aware of the harm this can have on unassuming audiences, Pornhub have launched a new series of videos aptly titled Pornhub Sex Ed, covering all the sex basics for younger viewers looking for answers.

The new sex-ed video series teaches young adults how to have sex safely and also strives to educate them on the realities of sex, which they are quick to admit is far from porn.

“Dramatisation and entertainment value distort what real sex is like,” says Pornhub Vice President Corey Price. “That’s why the Pornhub sexual wellness centre created this new video series: to provide a go-to resource for people to learn about how to have sex safely and get visual answers to common questions about sexual experiences.”

The series will contain 11 videos run by licensed sex experts, many of whom are PhD trained.

The current sexual education system needs a lot of work and, unfortunately, these videos won’t solve it. But, the series is a promising start and a useful alternative for young adults looking to learn about “real” sex.

You can suss out the video series here.