Pornhub launches new Premium Lovers membership for couples

Pornhub knows that we’ve all spent a lot of time indoors of late – and a lot of time with our partners – which means our sex lives may be a little… dull. Lucky for us, they have answered our quarantine prayers.

Pornhub has launched Premium Lovers, a membership for couples to spice up their intimate lives while expanding the Pornhub Premium brand.

pornhub premium lovers

Move over Netflix: Pornhub has launched their latest membership, Premium Lovers, so couples can easily spice up their sex life.

The idea for the new membership came after the website surveyed its Premium users, and found that 64 percent of them wanted to know more about their partner’s preferences, while 68 percent believed that understanding their partner’s fantasies would have a positive impact on their relationship.

Accordingly, the couple’s membership offers a “lover’s playlist” where you can share your favourite videos with your partner, with an option to receive video suggestions based on you or your partner’s preferences.

External studies also support the findings from Pornhub that watching porn together is beneficial for couples by helping each partner learn even more about their lover on a sexual level. In fact, Pornhub Vice President Corey Price goes so far as to say that watching porn together leads to a more satisfying sex life for couples, stating that “Couples who play together, stay together.”

Wise words, Mr Price. Couples can try Premium Lovers free for seven days, and after that can access the membership for $14.99 per month.