The Regime drop irresistibly sultry new single 'Stick Together'

The Regime drop irresistibly sultry new single ‘Stick Together’

If you’ve spent any time in Sydney’s inner-west, chances are you’ve come across The Regime. From the gates of Newtown Station to the main stage of Newtown Festival, this musical collective start parties wherever they go, blending elements of so many different genres, we don’t know where to begin.

With the release of their latest single, Stick Together, the group to continue to build upon their irresistibly infectious brand of music. If you’re not already across this band, now’s a perfect time for you to change that.

On their new single Stick Together, inner-west party starters The Regime deliver a sultry and heartfelt slice of genre-bending glory.

Throughout this new single, The Regime glide through a sultry blend of soul, jazz, funk, dub, hip-hop, and indie-rock, delivering something uniquely their own. With rich, smooth-as-hell instrumentation and warm, endearing vocal melodies, Stick Together is oozing with pure musical charm.

Across its very fitting 4-minute-20-second run-time, the song navigates myriad sonic territories—it never sits in one place for too long. One moment you’ll be floating through blissful, 70s soul-tinged arrangements, and the next you’ll be locked into a deep psychedelic groove.

The song has also arrived alongside a new video, exploring the unbreakable bond between man and toy. We see one lucky young man gifted a brand-spanking-new pair of Stacey Bros, which he goes on to form a unique relationship with. The whole thing is bizarre, but also quite heartwarming.

This is the latest in a string of consistently great releases from The Regime, and judging by the quality of everything we’ve heard and seen so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes going forward.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and watch the new video for Stick Together above.

And if you too are looking to acquire your own set of Stacey Bros, check out a new advertisement for the product here.