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PREMIERE: Fall into the shimmering synth-pop brilliance of Action Slacks’ new single Wasted Youth

It was late last year, with the release of their debut single A Thousand Flamingos, that we were first introduced to the neon-coloured synth-pop sounds of Brisbane duo Action Slacks.

Now, the band have unveiled their brand-spanking-new single Wasted Youth, and with its release, they continue to establish themselves as purveyors of incredibly addictive retro-pop gems. If you’re not already across this band, it’s definitely time you changed that.

On their new single Wasted Youth, Brisbane duo Action Slacks present a shimmering and immersive slice of neon-coloured synth-pop.

Throughout the new single, Action Slacks – made up of Richard Butler and Levi Russell – float through a glittery concoction of sounds. They weave together elements of indie-rock, pop, synthwave, and psych to craft a sound uniquely their own. With woozy guitars, shimmering synths, and dreamy vocal melodies, Wasted Youth will leave you feeling as though your cruising in a convertible along the coast under a neon-pink sunset.

Wasted Youth is the second single to be released from their 2018 recording sessions at Airlock Studios. The track’s flawless production highlights the band’s penchant for crafting immersive and addictive pop hooks. Once you dive into this new track, you’ll never want to leave.

These are still early days for this Brisbane band, but judging by everything we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more quality tunes from Action Slacks. For now, do yourself a favour and listen to Wasted Youth above.


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February 1, 2019