PREMIERE: Angus and Julia Stone on shrooms? Enter Shady Bliss

Shady Bliss are building a well earned buzz around Brisbane town through their eclectic live shows, catchy lyrics and accompanied psychedelic tunes. Who would have thought that their new track would work perfectly into their overall sound without any words at all. Alternative rock instrumentals have proven to be widely popular in the past with the likes of The Flaming Lips and Cloud Nothings being notorious for withholding vocals in certain tracks. However, it’s time to hand the baton over and let the newest experimentalists shine with their own twist on the progressive rock sound.

Shady Bliss Deluge

Gone are the days of quirky lyrics in alternative rock songs, it’s time to zip up the hatch and let the guitars do the talking. Shady Bliss take us on a searing instrumental journey with Deluge.

Shady Bliss is the psychedelic love child of four Brisbane friends – Morgan (guitar/vocal), Chrissa (keyboard/vocals), Ari (bass) and Lewis (drums). Almost immediately after forming in March 2011, the band started popping up everywhere with an interesting prog-rock sound. They spent their early career playing shows at some of Brisbane’s most prestigious venues including The Zoo and The HiFi, armed with a bunch of expressive songs with textured, hypnotic beats.

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Together the foursome have travelled parts of the world taking in influences from all sorts of places and mastering their prog-rock sound. It seems only right that the band would describes themselves as “Angus and Julia Stone on shrooms.” Their live shows have an air of ecstasy and escapism that you would only obtain when entering the realm of Shady Bliss.

With an EP already under their belt and another on the way, Deluge is a sneaky taste of the heavy, experimental bliss that is to come. The track is a downpour of adventurous creativity. Beginning as a laid back jam, it soon picks up the pace with an injection of fuzzed-out guitars and spacey math-rock elements. The omission of vocals allows the slow groove of the guitars to do the storytelling.  The rumpled rock kids inject the song with funky beats creating a soundscape that is lush and as full as Ari’s beard. The song literally roars with heat at the 1:50 mark, peaking with intensity as a melee of searing, robotic guitars pour out of their fingertips.

Taking a markedly darker route than their previous work, Deluge is a mysterious and compelling precursor for the next chapter in the shadowy Shady Bliss story. Keep an eye out for an new record in the very near future.