PREMIERE: ARSE and Party Dozen form an unholy alliance on Power Tripper

When news first broke that ARSE and Party Dozen were collaborating on a split 7″, we weren’t quite sure how to feel. Excited? Scared? A bit of both?

These are two of the country’s most unique, unruly and intense bands… so what happens when you throw two rabid animals in a cage with one another? Well, with their new collaborative single Power Tripper, ARSE and Party Dozen have seemingly given us an answer.

What happens when you throw two rabid animals in a cage with one another? ARSE and Party Dozen’s intense new video for Power Tripper is an unnerving and uncompromising punch to the face.

Directed by Party Dozen’s Jonathan Boulet (who also recorded the tracks), Power Tripper‘s accompanying video will leave you with the overwhelming feeling that something really bad is about to happen.

Power Tripper is the A-side to the new split 7″, with the second side featuring two new individual tracks where each band venture off doing their own strange things.

The new 7″ will be released through Grupo Records, a vinyl and cassette based record label run by both ARSE and Party Dozen’s members.

Catch the two bands launch the single live at The Unicorn Hotel in Paddington on Sept 7. Pre-order the split single here, and watch the new video for Power Tripper above.

ARSE will also be performing at this year’s BIGSOUND… so do yourself a favour and