ARSE deliver a churning examination of excess and hedonism on Safe Word

ARSE return with an explosive serving of scalding punk ecstasy with Safe Word. 

Rather than a framework for safe sex, Safe Word is a call to arms for any feeling detached from the relentless hedonism and excess of the world.

Get drawn under the pumping punk pistons of ARSE’s explosive new single Safe Word. It’s a grisly, evocative release of dystopic visions.

Raw vocals, screams and grunts punctuate the unhinged two and a half minutes of churning punk. Like all great punk though, there is a powerful message behind the music. Drawing from visions of decadent nihilism and the excess of progress, they try to halt the power screaming ‘I need the Safe Word, I’m about to get fucked’.

In late 2018, ARSE released a split 7 inch with Sydney punk visionaries Party Dozen, of which ARSE bassist Jonathan Boulet plays drums for. The result was Power Tripper; another raw, wall to wall cracker of chugging glory and an insight to the potential and evolution of Sydney’s most groundbreaking punk.

At the heart of Safe Word is a deep examination of the current state of the world, ripping out of their throats like a sporadic self exorcism. It’s brutal, beautiful, and challenging; a head-splitting reminder that existence is little more than a series of chemical reactions rooting around in your cerebrum.

Safe Word is the first taste of ARSE’s forthcoming extended release, and they are hitting the road in June for a tour taking them through Geelong, Melbourne, Brisbane, and finishing up at the Vic in Sydney on July 5th.

More info on those shows here.