PREMIERE: Atiya teaches us a lesson in slow-funk sensuality with Desire

Gold Coast-based singer-songwriter Atiya has just dropped a slow-grooving gem of a track, oozing with sensual funk tempation. Needless to say we’re left with an insatiable Desire for more.

From the moment the track starts burning through your headphones, Atiya will leave you no choice but to willingly submit to a transformative auditory experience.

The opening bassline—with its fuzzy and warm texture—will instantly hook you onto a slow train of sensuous groove. It’s got a kind of raw distortion to it. A sort of perfect imperfection that feels like the lines of static you see across the telly when rewinding an old VHS tape recording Magnum P.I. 

Already, the instrumentals have constructed the perfect frame, custom made to size for the absolute masterpiece that is Atiya’s vocal track.

Throw yourself forward into a modern Katya-sounding beat and let the soulful and incredibly lush sounds of Atiya’s voice take hold of you completely. A sincerely yearning call from Atiya to the dreamy protagonist of the song’s narrative will immediately send goosebumps running down parts of your body you didn’t know could conjure them, as the caramel textures of Atiya’s voice set you alight.

It’s a pop-song made for everybody, and yet the track manages to capture something so deeply personal and intimate about romantic/sexual desire – a sensation which could be described in few other ways than through the sonic wonders of this tune.

Atiya chooses the perfect words to describe this sensation, with the line “the temptation is running through me like wildfire,”  beautifully capturing both Atiya’s yearning desire and the effect of the song on the listener more generally.

Desire is a wonderfully refined work from the rising pop-star who has demonstrated nothing less than an absolute mastery over eloquent lyricism and raw, love-lorn charm. With a track like this, it comes as no surprise to us that her earlier works have attracted the interest of Aus rapper ALLDAY and achieved notable success on international Soundcloud charts.

Have a listen to Atiya’s absolute ripper new single Desire above.