Hana Rosé has struck a note of RnB perfection on her debut EP

Earlier this month Hana Rosé blew our hair back with her most powerful song to date – Me, Myself and I. 

Now Hana has come in guns blazing with a textured and varied collection of RnB ruminations on purpose, self-importance and most importantly fun.

Hana Rose

Be swept away by the crisp, honey vocals of Hana Rosé as she delivers some powerful chops on her debut EP Finer With Time. 

The Melbourne based singer has made a splash in the local scene with her deliciously warm vocals and no fucks given attitude. Her debut EP is exactly as the name suggests, Finer With Time. 

The deep, lush production and bumping bass are so infectious, they are just as likely to have you singing along as you flash towards the city lights or popping off as it cranks out of a club.

Hunnids (In The Air) harkens back to early Rihanna and Beyonce with some downright incredible RnB vocals as well as a whole lot of attitude. Rosay will have you careening towards the weekend full tilt. You can almost taste the wine as Hana brings you straight into her world.

Her vibrato is deep and controlled whilst her passionate flourishes are to die for. There is certainly a tangible cohesiveness to Finer With Me as Rosé concocts a heady fantasy for the perfect night on the town. Drinks are flowing, money in the air, hot sex and a whole lot of self-love. It’s all here in a potent mix and is honestly as sweet to listen to as Rosé itself.

Check out Finer With Time below:
As the name suggests Birthday Suit is the sauciest number in the collection. Her breathy vocals are longing and the lyrics paint the perfect picture of lust and desire. Rosé is never overshadowed however, by the sheer vehemence of her vocals range. It’s a veritable force to be reckoned with shines like a glistening gem throughout the collection.

Me, Myself & I is the perfect bookend to a wild ride. Fervently saying ‘Fuck the haters’ Hana Rosé is shedding shame and living comfortably and proudly within her skin.

The debut EP from Hana Rosé is a vibrant and eclectic collection of well crafted RnB. If you’re a fan of hard knocking beats and sexy vocals then Finer With Time has assuredly got you covered. It’s safe to say we cannot wait to see her live in Sydney.