PREMIERE: Avi Misra’s new video Age Of Kali is a vibrant collage of experimentation

Since releasing his debut album Eyes On The Radio in 2014, Tokyo-born, Delhi-raised, and Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Avi Misra has crafted a sound uniquely his own. It’s a collage of sounds from across the globe; a tapestry of rich, vibrant noises that’s unlike anything else making the rounds.

Now, before he hits the road in support of his third studio album Usha, Misra has unveiled the wonderfully disorientating new video for his track Age Of Kali. It should go without saying that we’re stoked to be premiering it for you today.

Avi Misra’s new single and video clip Age Of Kali is a rich tapestry of innovative sounds. We strongly recommend you keep an eye on this artist.

Usha is our first taste of Misra’s exploration into electronic sounds, and the result is something truly unique. While this new track holds the sharp unpredictability of an electronic song, it’s still grounded in organic sonic textures.

Throughout Age Of Kali’s five-minute duration, Misra navigates a hallucinatory blend of sounds that span various genres and various geographical locations. The track pulls in myriad directions, never sitting in one place for too long. This sense of volatility is perhaps the song’s most endearing quality.

The track’s new video is the perfect visual accompaniment. A mind-bending collage of riotous imagery, the clip will nest itself in the depths of your psyche and stay there for weeks.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above, and catch Avi Misra live at any of the following dates:

Friday, February 1st – Milk Factory, Brisbane w/ Sabrina Lawrie and Harmony Domaille
Saturday, February 2nd – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney w/ Sabrina Lawrie and Laik Aife
Sunday, February 3rd – Bar Open, Melbourne w/ Laneous (solo) and Ha Na (solo)

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