PREMIERE: B.C. Taylor reveals his latest slice of pop brilliance

PREMIERE: B.C. Taylor reveals his latest slice of hooky pop-funk brilliance on ‘Soul Teaser’

New year, new decade, new vibe. And Sydney based B.C. Taylor has treated us to a whole new single. Showcasing his ever evolving and genre-melting sound, ‘Soul Teaser’ does exactly that.

It’s a nostalgic anthem, splattered through out with a toe-tapping vibrancy that’s inviting, unaffected and reminiscent of simpler times.


Never afraid to experiment, B.C. Taylor defines himself as a master of song composition in the multilayered summer anthem ‘Soul Teaser’

Following on from the grounded and emotive release of his last single The Wild Queen, there’s a warming exuberance that drives Soul Teaser to another level. It’s a love confession of sorts, speaking directly to the subject at question. ‘Don’t go stealing my heart, don’t go stealing my soul away‘, is the tongue-in-cheek hook that will have you hitting the ‘Don’t Shuffle’ button again and again.

Genial tambourines pave the way for B.C.’s velvety vocals. His is the kind of choral voice that feels trustworthy in its unwavering tendencies. Bouncy keys and strings are woven in with melodic synths and with every memorable chorus the sound builds to a crescendo of danceability. The tempo is kept vivacious and playful.

‘I wanted to write a bright, snappy that could keep summer along all for the whole year. A shameless sing-a-long that bears that exciting, but still fearful of feeling young bright love,’ B.C. comments.

It’s likely that once you’ve got this hopeful and happy track caught on your lips, you’ll want to traverse the Spotify galaxy to B.C. Taylor’s catalogue for a rinse of something altogether different. This young singer-songwriter, actor and creative is not shy of pushing the boundaries of labels and genre defining stigmas. His experimentation is what makes him such an exciting musician to keep tabs on.

I just hope it’s catchy,’ he adds.