PREMIERE: Beautiful Things live up to their name with reflective new EP

Beautiful Things are here to take you on a ride through 80’s alt-rock vibes and ethereal, dream-like universes.

Beautiful Things Dream world revisited
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Dream World Revisited brings Beautiful Things’ front-woman Dina’s personal lyrics to new contemporary alt-rock life.

10 years ago, Beautiful Things front-woman Dina D’Alessandro recorded an EP entitled Dream World. Today their new record sees those songs re-recorded and reimagined into more electronic ethereal versions and the results are incredible!

The use of space in this record is a particularly clever, being manipulated to create tension or calm, keeping the listener in the palm of their hands. From the very first second in the title track Dream World the whole atmosphere is immediately set, and right away you’re in Dina’s dream.

For this album, Beautiful Things recruited a new keyboard player and pinched the bassist from Screams for Tina. Right away it is very clear this way a great decision; the bass is a hero in the record, and the keys are instrumental in creating the tension and atmosphere throughout.

Keeping us on our toes, Beautiful Things move straight to a more aggressive 80s alt-rock vibe with Hey Hey Hey, with Dina channelling her inner Dolores O’Riordan. This moves straight on to the more spacey feel and ‘bliss mix‘ of When the Night Comes Down, and Astronaut. The finale is quite a beautiful way to end the record, repeating the last track but acoustically.

Dina’s deeply personal lyrics set Dream World Revisited aside from other similar records by their intimacy. There are moments when it almost feels like we’re intruders reading her diary. This makes for a pretty cool relationship between the listener and this record.

If you have a spare 20 minutes this arvo, we definitely recommend you check this one out!