Think alt rock has had its day? Watch The Dolphin Show prove you wrong

In a day and age where musical expression and performance is constantly diversifying and expanding, it can be a daunting challenge to discover that specific sound that appeals to your unique palate. Far too often fellow music lovers find themselves disheartened in their search as they trudge through a complex online marshland of overly-plain, unsatisfying pop mashed alongside overly-complicated and equally unsatisfying avant-garde experimentations. This then begs the question: “In which direction should my musical soul be sent in order to find that which I am seeking?”


With garage grit and Northern Beaches charm, The Dolphin Show consistently sprinkle good vibes on to down and dirty alt rock screamers.

The answer: live music or, more specifically, the vibrant cultural hub of performance that is Sydney’s live music scene. Northern Beaches four-piece The Dolphin Show is one such up-and-coming act, pushing a punchy fireball of noise that drives their progress within a city constrained by rules and limitations on fun and freedom (I’m talking, of course, of Sydney’s recent lock-out laws).

Unfazed by such meagre attempts at totalitarian control, The Dolphin Show continue to make feet move and hair whip as they wreak havoc from Avalon all the way to Marrickville, most recently scoring a March residency at Manly’s famous Moonshine Bar atop the Steyne Hotel.

 The band boasts an amalgamation of surf-rock good vibes alongside hard hitting punky lyrical works that are then dipped in a fiery broth of raw-garage authenticity. Their energy draws from the likes of Buzzcocks with all members more than willing to go ham when called upon, while a rolling pulse of unrestrained rhythm from kit and bass controls the flow of oxygen into the fire. Such sounds are reminiscent of the punchy rock of The Eagles Of Death Metal infused with psychedelic aggression that could be found on a The Doors track.

Dynamic guitarist/vocalist duo James and Badger are the front men of the show, where Badger’s shreddery and hunky no-holds-barred punk style is complimented by James’ melodious voice and creative riffs of syncopation and alternative metering. The duo never fails to entertain and grip a crowd, with solid bouts of banter and brotherly rivalry an expected component of any live show.

December 2015 saw the fellas release their debut EP after a week-long musical expedition up to Brisbane to record at the acclaimed Bedlam Studios. The EP acts as an exemplar for the band’s trademark style, with professional quality mixing and mastering making it a truly indulgent audial experience.

The final track Red Dress is recorded live alongside a music video, capturing the essence of each individual player and their role in producing an absolute banger. Heavy, hard-hitting riffs and grounding bass tones brought to effect through refined dynamic and tempo shifts will undoubtedly have your chin dropping in time from ceiling to chest.

So pump your headphones and blast your speakers, because The Dolphin Show is one band you can’t afford to miss.