PREMIERE: More garage than a mechanic’s nirvana, FETES tinkers with our feels on Seasonal

Food. Getting all up in our tummies to satisfy and fuel. No wonder it and its surrounds have inspired many a creative endeavor. You may have come across indie-garage band Food Court in your musical nommings, one such group to make use of food’s powerful qualities to inspire. But, as we all know, there is a season for all things and front-man Cristian Campano is intrepidly stepping out solo in a new project, cultivating a new crop of goodness as FETES.


Cristian Campano is one busy dude. Frontman of Food Court and with two solo projects now under his belt, he is once again ready to feed us all as FETES. No doubt you’ll be eating out of his hand.

Campano was blessed by all that is good and musically prolific by having a Spanish flamenco guitarist dad. Some stuff you just can’t make up. Growing up to the sweet, sweet sounds of impeccable guitars and rhythm, coupled with the heyday that was the 90’s music scene made for quite the nutritious music education. No wonder the first offering he gave to feed the hungry came in the form of Food Court. A garage-punk band dedicated to being loose, pizza throwing, water melon annihilating – I-Do-What-I-Want lads, whose music had the power to make summer feel real no matter what the season.

While you can never really take the food court out of a man, the man may chose to brunch elsewhere from time to time. Bright eyed and dashing from laps at the local, Campano has been in a frenzy of fresh sounds, exploring, experimenting and writing new music like the intrepid bloke that he is.

To the gastronomically savvy it should come as no surprise as to the turn Campano’s new musical outfit has taken. Where else has food really come into its own? Some would say it’s the natural progressive step. The carnival or to use the vernacular of the local clan, the country fete. And by jove, that’s the step has taken, rich with the sound of youth, edgy guitars and carefree vocals, FETES is the new front of a man who has a lot of music to mull.

[bandcamp width=350 height=442 track=2147243384 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

To come into our eardrums ripe and ready for the digesting is FETES’ new single, Seasonal. As crisp as a good candy apple or carefree as a country Ferris Wheel devoid of safety straps or glass, this song floats around on an undulating guitar riff that just won’t leave your feelings alone. As with a decent dodgem car sesh, the unexpected minor notes and the build to the high threshold have the release to keep you vented without the need to blow out your third party premium.

As with most music, it’s a good idea to delve further in. Rook around for the metaphorical meaning and FETES is all over that like a good cabbage patch run wild. When the fruits be not in season, they be mighty pricey and not to nourish our rueful frames. Campano, the legit bloke that he is, knows, he understands. He’s a man of the people. At the starting price of $1 on Bandcamp, his stuff is accessible to us, the great mass of the minimal disposable income; FETES’ produce is definitely going to remain in season. Not like the bloody banana debacle of ’11. Lest we forget.

So, along with your mush of quinoa and kale, you’d better imbibe Fetes’ Seasonal to give your step that extra little zing it needs to meander the laneways of Melbs or coffee haunts of Sydney’s inner west. Can’t have no sloppy swagger, now.