Dopamaid is ready for her ascent with debut single Road Track

After three years spent working on her debut EP, Dopamaid launches her cosmic solo project with other-worldly single Road Track

Working with Rob Grant at Poons Head Studios, – halls that have seen the likes of Tame Impala and Queens Of The Stone Age– Dopamaid has finessed her introduction to her cosmic sonic journey.

Road Track is the first taste of her upcoming EP, and it promises an interesting ride.


Road Track is spacey, intangible and loose. Sultry and seductive, the debut release has a hypnotic quality that flourishes in the synth-driven verses.

Spaghetti-Western guitar licks, lo-fi drums that focus on a delicious interplay between hats and snare and Dopamaid’s theatrical vocal somehow come together as if they should never have been apart. Reminiscent of Zella Day, there’s an epic, soundtrack quality to Road Track.

Running with her cosmic, intergalactic theme, Road Track aims to lead listeners outer-space and right into Dopamaid’s waiting palm. The chorus erupts quite viscously into something different, with more urgency and need.


Remaining hooky while upping the emotional intensity, Dopamaid manages to showcase multiple sides to her voice and persona. At once alluring and dramatic, commanding and understated.

Dopamaid shines with her melodic ingenuity, flowing through a multitude of starkly comparative vocal licks with ease. It’s the intensity that Dopamaid exudes that makes Road Track so memorable and punishing as a debut.

She leaves her mark like an asteroid colliding with Earth, making space for her no doubt thrilling EP. Road Track does not sound like a debut, rather someone that is taking a bold step in a new direction. Perhaps this is to do with the three years Dopamaid spent ensuring that her project was perfect before offering it elsewhere.

Road Track begs to be performed live, and illuminates the way for the rest of Dopamaid’s thrilling experiments to make themselves heard. A unique new artist with a unique yet palatable sound, Dopamaid is certainly one to look out for.

Listen to Road Track below, and follow Dopamaid in anticipation of her upcoming EP.

Photos by Michael Tartaglia