Needle In The Hay

Expressive E reveals grand prize for Needle In The Hay winner

The folks at Expressive E will give away a world-class synth and software to the lucky winner of Needle In The Hay. 

At this point, the winner of this year’s Needle In The Hay will need a U-Haul to carry the sheer amount of prizes they’re set to win.

From top-tier music gear to fashion staples and something to wash it all down, the prize pool for the 2024 music competition is perhaps the biggest to date — a deserved win for whichever artist comes out on top later this year. 


On top of earning the coveted title of the winner of Australia’s largest independent music competition, this year’s Needle In The Hay victor will also walk away with premium goods from none other than Expressive E.

One of NITH’s prizing partners for 2024, Expressive E have long been on a mission to improve the way musicians interact with sounds by creating an intuitive and powerful music-making experience.

That description alone should be enough to excite this year’s batch of NITH entrants, who will likely use Expressive E’s premium wares to create their next smash hit.

Keyboard Instrument

Proving that they only want to further their mission of providing innovative artistry, Expressive E are offering their Osmose and software to the 2024 winner of Needle In The Hay.

Yes, you read that right. Expressive E will give away its most famous product in recognition of one entrants’ victory, no doubt furthering their success with an industry-leading synthesiser.

The Osmose sets a new standard for musical expression, allowing artists to use intuitive gestures to control synths and upgrade their production skills. 

Whether you’re a veteran keyboardist, a workflow-oriented producer, a daring sound designer, or anything in between, Osmose will take your musical journey to uncharted places.

In a glowing review of Osmose, Happy Mag described the synth as “one of the most interactive electronic instruments we’ve ever seen.” If that sounds like something that’s up your alley, read the full review here

On top of the Osmose, this year’s NITH winner will walk away of a helping of Expressive E software [ELABORATE HERE]. 

It’s welcome news for this year’s Needle In The Hay entrants, who should probably start the process of hiring a pickup truck if they plan to walk away with all these winners prizes.

Head here to find out more about Expressive E, and here for details around the 2024 Needle In The Hay competition.