Needle In The Hay

NITH Prize Reveal: Heaps Normal cases and merch for top three place getters

Heaps Normal will pour out some of their premium fizz for entrants lucky enough to place within the top three of Needle In The Hay.  

By now you should be aware that this year’s Needle In The Hay competition is in full swing (if you’re not, where the hell have you been?).

In addition to donning the crown of Australia’s largest independent music competition, Needle In The Hay winners will also enjoy a stack of prizes, from premium gadgets and gizmos to the much-needed sustenance that is a well-earned drink. 

That’s where Heaps Normal — Australia’s leading tastemakers in alcohol-free beer — come in, armed with enough of the good stuff to quench even the thirstiest of NITH entrants.

If you’ve hung out in social circles long enough, you’ve undoubtedly caught a glimpse of Heaps Normal (their cans alone are pure art), or heard about them from the friend who, despite drinking delicious beers the night before, has awoken without a hangover.

Since 2018, Heaps Normal has been on a mission to satisfy the beer cravings of drinkers across the country, brewing premium pours that pass the pub test.

best non alcoholic drinks heaps normal

It’s no secret that their beers are enjoyed by people of all stripes — from athletes to Dry July-ers to this very writer after a few too many last weekend — but Heaps Normal is especially tasty for musicians. 

Without the fog of intoxication, artists can continue refining their craft while still enjoying a post-session beverage with their fellow creatives. Better yet, they can even don the designated driver hat for that one drummer who might’ve been overserved.

Performing at pub gigs might be irksome for musicians who want to perfect their set, but not when a pint of Heaps Normal is right at their fingertips. 

It stands to reason, then, that Heaps Normal bring their quality fizz to Needle In The Hay, this year offering a range of prizes for entrants who place first, second or third.

This year, Heaps Normal will dole out a free case of their renowned beer for NITH entrants who place second and third, while the much-coveted victor will win two cases and some killer merch for extra measure. 

The company’s merch line includes a range of t-shirts and a hat, and is a surefire way to brand yourself as a beer connoisseur.

What better way to celebrate scoring first, second, or third place then by cracking open Australia’s most beloved alcohol-free beer?

So go on then, get your submissions in order (if you haven’t already) for Needle In The Hay here, and see Heap Normal’s full product range here.