Brixton: Supporting the music scene as a major prize partner for Needle In The Hay 2023

Music and fashion are the best of friends, meet Brixton, packing the effortlessly cool as hell vibes of SoCal.

Hey there Happy fam! The 2023 Needle in the Hay competition is gearing up to take center stage. This is your chance to have your tunes immortalised on vinyl, and secure a place in the annals of music history in Australia and New Zealand.

But hold onto your good selves, because this year, the rewards go much further than the grand prize. Get ready to fall in love with your next clothing label.


Fashion and music are pretty much inextricably linked, so much so its given birth to complete movements, think, punk, mods, glam rock, grunge, jazz, indie, and country, its perhaps the latter few that we have a penchant for, the smooth lines, the effortless cool, especially the sunny southern Cali kind. Total moods am I right?


Talking about timeless, one of the coolest starting out stories on the planet has to go to Brixton. Born out of an Oceanside, CA garage, Brixton began with a circle of friends drawing inspiration from their fav things, hence the hat: ‘The Hooligan’, an ode to vintage newsboy caps, marking the beginning of their journey. The rest, we like to say…is history.


Brixton embodies the relaxed vibes of Southern California, crafting attire for musicians, artists, craftspeople, and wanderers alike. It’s about discovering the world through art, music, and the thrill of exploration. Their mission? To unite individuals from diverse walks of life.

While the roots may lie in SoCal, Brixton’s creativity knows no bounds. Their designs draw from the world at large, weaving global perspectives into every stitch. Brixton have nailed a look, and we are so here for it.


So, seize the moment. Share your sound and become a part of the musical landscape that stretches beyond time. Here’s to melodies and threads that resonate through the ages.

Head here for a deeper dive into the world of Brixton, and enter your tune to NITH here.