Lujza shares a curated playlist to deal with the issue of crappy fathers

In the face of disappointment, the music we choose becomes a refuge, a companion that helps us weather the storm of a less-than-ideal father-daughter or son relationship.

Lujza’s “Daddy Issues” playlist offers an unapologetic exploration of familial complexities, mirroring her own candid journey with an absent father.

Each track, from Demi Lovato’s tender reconciliation to Pink‘s revealing portrayal of family facades, provides a raw reflection on the intricacies of home life.


Lujza’s introspective lens and unfiltered approach create a musical space where listeners can find resonance and solace. Infusing her music with a unique blend of vulnerability and strength rooted in her East Coast origins, Lujza invites us into her world with open arms.

“Daddy Issues” transcends being just a playlist; it’s an intimate conversation, a testament to the power of music in navigating life’s most intricate relationships.

Whether you’re seeking a musical companion for moments of reflection or release, the “Daddy Issues” playlist has got your back.  It’s a raw and honest journey through the complexities of family, offering a dose of connection and catharsis whenever you need it.

We All Have Daddy Issues Playlist 

A mix of soul, alternative, indie, rock and pop sounds to deal with the issue of crappy fathers. 

Daddy Issues – Lujza

As far as Daddy Issues go, I have my fair share. This track is just scratching the surface of why I’m mad at my father. But it’s better than therapy, though I’ve had my fair share of that too! I would describe this as painful but defiant. I’m still angry, and unless he walks through the door to explain himself, that’s unlikely to change anytime soon..

Father – Demi Lovato

Demi is way more forgiving than I am with so much tenderness towards her father, I hope to feel some day. Though she is still conflicted and I can feel the deep hurt bubbling to the surface. A stripped back track that leave us to enjoy Demi’s powerful vocals until we get to the bridge, when she hits us with a wall of pain. I’m here for it.

Styrofoam Plates – Death Cab for Cutie

Love the melodic simplicity of this track that gives us so much lyrical depth in verse 1. And then it hits you in the face with lines like “You’re a disgrace to the concept of family” and I know this is my song! I love the overall intensity of this track first lyrically and then as the melody builds. 

Oh Daddy – Fleetwood Mac

A classic song, by a classic band. I’ve taken this as the literal interpretation of the father you can’t walk away from as.. well.. he is your father irrespective of his actions. Next level projection but I guess it is what it is. It’s a cool tune, chilled vibe.

Family Portrait – Pink

I have loved this song for a long time as I could deeply relate. Perfect families can be such a lie and while you forever dream of your parents working it out… they probably shouldn’t. Love the emotional delivery from Pink. It gets me every time!

Daddy Issues – Killboy

Everything I want to say. I love the angst. I love the message. 

Father of Mine – Everclear

I’m sensing a pattern here. We all just want our fathers to come back, but are they listening and do they care? Probably not, though Everclear is still searching for answers. A great rock tune that I just had to add. 

Dollhouse – Melanie Martinez

The perfect family is such an illusion. Melanie lifts the lid on fractured family life in a dark yet sweet like candy track that I’ve got on repeat. 

Because of You – Kelly Clarkson

Raw and open, this song really help us understand the depth of scars a broken home leaves in us. My wounds have opened up on this one. Kelly delivers an emotional track that should have every parent fear the consequences of their actions.

Consequences – Lujza

Well it wouldn’t be a Lujza playlist without a tongue in cheek I told you so. Consequences Part 1 channels Billie Eilish to help you think about the repercussions of your actions. “Life will forever teach, learn the easy way or the hard” A cinematic big finish featuring Michael Kay on BVs.

Bonus – Gun Burial – Dominique Fils-Aime

I’m obsessed with this track! It influenced Daddy Issues, so I thought I’d add it even though it’s nothing to do with fathers. But it could do, as all the lyrical elements suggest a turbulent relationship with another and for me it rings true for both lovers and (step) fathers. So if you grew up in a house where your father was volatile, this song could have a new meaning for you.