Premiere: Fomies leave an indelible mark on new album ‘Ominous Prominence’

You won’t be able to get enough of Ominous Prominence, the latest album from Fomies premiering today on Happy Mag. 

Fomies have released their fifth studio album in as many years, a sprawling fusion of surf-punk and garage titled Ominous Prominence.

As true veterans of the genre, the Switzerland four-piece waste no time reacquainting listeners with their electrifying trademark, offering a 10-track opus that spans the sounds of brazen noise rock, psychedelia and blissfully sharp fuzz. 

Fomies album 'Ominous Prominence'

Whether they’re inhabiting a willful frenetic energy on album standouts like Lakeside Fever and See, or spotlighting their softer serenity on The Seeker, Fomies’ affinity for their craft shines all throughout Ominous Prominence.

While it sits comfortably within the broad range of rock, the album isn’t afraid to plumb the genre for all its worth, finding moments of surfy, sunlit groove — as on Inner Light — and discordant garage (Time Trial). 

Fomies album 'Ominous Prominence'

Elsewhere, the quartet tread indie territory on Barren Mind, with its jangly riffs and harmonic vocals, before channelling disco funk on Ominous Prominence single Confusion.

For a lesser band, this restless genre-bending might’ve proved too dizzying, and while Fomies are clear sonic chameleons, they also anchor their sound with a commitment to revelrous fuzz, which permeates the project and remains an engaging throughline. 

Fomies album 'Ominous Prominence'

Album opener Glass Pyramid is Fomies at their best — a grungy entry that somehow feels destined for both a dingy garage and a summertime road trip.

What all of it points to is a band who’ve mastered not only their craft, but their inherent versatility, drawing from a palette broad enough to captivate listeners of all stripes.

Fomies album 'Ominous Prominence'

Luckily for them, Fomies’ brand new album is premiering exclusively on Happy Mag. So what are you waiting for? Dive head first into Fomies’ rocking wonderland with their latest project Ominous Prominence.