Immerse yourself into ‘Into The Blue’ a drop of indie folk gold

Wrap your ears around the the indie rock folk gem that is Daniel Trakell’s ‘Into The Blue’

Indie-folk storyteller Daniel Trakell has unveiled his second album, ‘Into the Blue,’ a collection of 10 tracks that gracefully explores the intricacies of life through his unique indie-folk lens.

Rooted in heartfelt lyrics that balance personal experiences with universal themes, Trakell captures the nuanced moments of existence.

Daniel Trakell

Into The Blue” represents the idea of stepping into the unknown or leaving without a trace—a recurring theme in Trakell’s songwriting that reflects a desire for escapism.

The album, recorded in practical settings such as an old church hall in Mollongghip (a farming community near Ballarat) and Aviary studios in Abbotsford, features a full band.

Josh Barber, known for his work with Gretta Ray, Gotye, and Archie Roach, handled the recording, production, and mixing, while the mastering was done by Shawn Hatfield of AudibleOddities, a multi-award-winning engineer.

Trakell weaves a tapestry of everyday life throughout the album, exploring themes like his connection to water and the vastness of the ocean in tracks like ‘Waves’ and ‘Second Time Around.’

He touches on funerals and processions in ‘When the Lights Go Down’ and ‘Words of the Saviour,’ as well as cataclysmic events from different perspectives in ‘Out Of Time’ and the title track, ‘Into the Blue.’

A consistent theme revolves around the ebb and flow of relationships, mirroring the fluidity of water bodies.

Trakell delves into topics of isolation, regret, hope, and love, providing listeners with a reflective lens on their place in the world.

Trakell’s musical style shines through with double-tracked vocals and a harmonious blend of gentle percussive elements (tambourine, drums) and melodic additions (harmonica, electric guitar). Drawing inspiration from 60s-era folk and artists like Townes Van Zandt, Jackson C Frank, and Bob Dylan, his sound resonates with early Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, and Elliott Smith.

Signed to the Swedish-based record label Dumont Dumont, Daniel Trakell’s indie/folk-rock with a touch of 70s piano-pop has gained traction both in Australia and internationally.

Wrap your ears around Into The Blue below: