PREMIERE: Ben Mason’s ‘The Land Where The Sun Sets’

Dripping in a dreamy acoustic melody, Melbourne songwriter, Ben Mason, paints a vivid soundscape of The Land Where The Sun Sets.

Artist, Ben Mason, is one of those incredibly rare songwriters that saturates his listeners in the world his music creates.

Each lyric within The Land Where The Sun Sets, oozes with nostalgia of Mason’s past, transporting in it’s rawness and visually imaginative music video.

Ben Mason

The Melbourne artist, formerly a member of psych-pop band, The Smallgoods, has dove headfirst into a soaking solo career, featuring Land Where The Sun Sets on his recently released album, Kanandah

The track is a glistening, transportive piece of work, grabbing listeners with both hands and taking them down “the path back through blackberries”. 

Etched with layers of nostalgic harmonies, vintage drum beats and acoustic guitars, Mason paints his work with the shades of childhood memories. “The song recalls feelings through childhood of loneliness, not being understood and wanting to run away from home” he explains.


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The accompanying visuals directed by Simon Fazio, magnify the golden palette of heading back to one’s roots. Mason seeps in a genuine, calming nature, melting between blended shots of the sunset as he wanders through Research, a rural suburb outside Melbourne where he grew up.

The simplicity of the track vibrates a sense of wisdom and understanding to Mason’s sonic craft. The artist walks through the nature of his childhood with a dreamy Bon Iver-like tone, leaving us immersed in the golden rays of light long after the track ends. “I know that one day I’ll grow up, and I can choose with whom I live, but do you get that I’m still a kid and I wanna’ get away” Mason sings.

There is something deeply infatuating about Land Where The Sun Sets, as it immerses and transports to a golden-speckled sonic dream that you won’t want to wake from.

Check out Ben Mason’s video for the track below, and catch his upcoming show with Anna Cordell at Brunswick Ballroom on Saturday, July 17: