PREMIERE: BOY CURSED drops conceptual new clip for stellar rap single

Melbourne rapper BOY CURSED has dropped a bumping new clip for COAST TO COAST.

The closing track of his debut EP is an expertly executed flow machine centred around ‘Envy’.

boy cursed

BOY CURSED closes out his conceptual debut EP with an absolute fire clip on envy and destruction. Be amazed by COAST TO COAST.

Born and raised in the South-East suburbs of Melbourne rapper, singer, producer BOY CURSED began to sink his teeth into the city’s underground hip-hop scene over the course of 2018. With his technical wordplay and flowing cadence simultaneously straddling competitive aggression and emotional introspection, BOY CURSED demonstrates a wide versatility and unique style throughout his art within the ever-growing urban music community.

Blending flavours of trap, contemporary RnB and spoken word into a hip-hop context, BOY CURSED draws elements of Mac Miller, Denzel Curry and  Tyler the Creator into his own unique sound world.

COAST TO COAST is the final track off of the aforementioned project 7. This stunning debut EP is conceptualised around the seven deadly sins with each song centring around one.

It starts out like any other rap song. BOY is proclaiming his skills with boastful arrogance painting him self as an icon, transcending the confines of this world. However, the rapper then changes to a more introspective and vulnerable delivery.

A deep interlude detailing the prevalence of mental health issues surrounding the artists of today – where BOY then continues to denounce his previous statements both on this track and arguably, by extension, the majority of 7 to come before this point.

Laced with heavy symbolism, the video portrays BOY CURSED as boisterously performing his song, later revealing him to be overcompensating to mask deep-seated insecurities, at which point the rapper soon inevitably bears the consequences of his actions for trying to be something that he isn’t.

It’s a unique piece of artistry, especially within the rap scene and deserves praise for it’s genuine uniqueness and approach. Creative credits go to VISIONAIRE Media for the music video.

Check out the magnificent clip below: