PREMIERE: Casting spells and making magic with Big League in their video for Best In Show

It’s undeniable that music has the ability to take us on a trip down memory lane, and Big League are grunge-heroes who pump out tunes that take us back a couple decades.

Taking listeners back to a time where Doc Martens were all the rage and Nirvana were being blasted from portable tape decks, the Melbourne based four-piece create a nostalgic blend of modern indie and 90s alternative rock.

With raw, honest lyrics providing a tether between Big League’s music and their listeners, Best In Show is the latest single from Big League, which screams all of the above and much more. And they’ve just revealed a video to go with it.

Big League
Photo: Robert MacFarlane

90s rock takes a back seat to vibrant animation and magic spells on the new video for Big League’s latest single, Best In Show

The video tells the tale of a young girl getting up to no good throughout a semi-animated narrative.

Beginning with a dimly lit, mundane bedroom scene, the video opens with the girl dressing up in an oversized suit and tie, glasses and bowler hat with a magical wand as her teleportation device.

Transitioning to a colourful, cartoon world with bright pink props and colourful zaps shooting out of her wand, it’s not long before the girl has company, accidentally creating a second and third version of herself

Traversing between animation and reality, the band themselves become part of this alternate world, strumming their guitars before eventually, falling victim to the girl’s magic tricks and innocent mischief making. The clip ends with a VHS effect that portrays the band as if being viewed through a TV screen, resonating perfectly with the vocals “best in show” .

The light-hearted clip is vibrant, with magic spells and cartoon-style animation – an interesting contrast to the grunginess of the track. Yet the two somehow go hand in hand.

If you dig this track, then keep your ears peeled for Big League’s album, I Thought Thunderbolt on September 20, out through Off The Hip Records.