PREMIERE: Cate Von Csoke unveils the visceral video for ‘Silver Screen’

At a time when even the most introverted of us are desperately searching for some human connection, music is once again our saviour. Thirsty for healing and wide-open spaces, Cate Von Csoke delivers us the ethereal desert soundtrack we’ve been craving.

Plucked from her debut album AlmoonSilver Screen is a hypnotic sojourn that ebbs and flows through cadence and complexity. Like all cinematic masterpieces, the single’s accompanying music video sees this sonic beauty elevate further.

Oozing with the seductive charm of Western noir, Cate Von Csoke casts a mauve lens over her latest single Silver Screen. 

Aussie-born and Brooklyn-based, the music of Cate Von Csoke wields a concoction of anti-romance. Untamed and dreamy, yet precisely polished, her debut album Almoon is the feminine response to a liquor-lipped Dope Lemon. Tambourine forward and feathery listless guitars, Silver Screen is the third treacly single from the record released in June.

The unabashedly melancholic sentiment of Silver Screen is translated to perfection in the new video. Whereby the past single for Coyote Cry dove head on into the Mojave Desert, Silver Screen took a step away from the obvious motif. In contrast, the clip is set in a 1950’s New York motel and the beatnik persuasion is palpable.

Images of a dancing Von Csoke, shot by Emma Jane Kepley, are projected along softly lit walls. These shadows are interspersed with the allure and alarm of neon signage. Silver Screen is a call to Hollywood from the darker east coast scene. The flagship suede jacket is the unapologetic signpost to the meandering desert in between. Also featuring Brian MacFayden (The Vacant Lots), the mauve mirage of collaged shots tells the tale of a waiting love.

Directed and edited by Von Csoke herself, a minimalist muscle is flexed in this video and the music just washes over you. Often listed among the likes of Lana Del Rey, Cate Von Csoke evokes all the glamour and none of the fuss.

Sink in as the whirling desert dust refuses to settle on this hypnotic clip below: