PREMIERE: Chewbacca, Barbie, and Sam Shinazzi give us a better love story than Romeo and Juliet

Ever since Beauty and the Beast graced our screens the thought would have crossed your mind at some point – what would happen if the modern day equivalent, Barbie and Chewbacca, met? Would the eternally ageless doll fall madly in love with the hairy but loveable Wookiee warrior? Would Ken and Han Solo let them live happily ever after? All these burning questions we’ve had locked away. But now, our favourite Sydney storyteller Sam Shinazzi finally puts our minds at ease in his new video for Ballerina.

Known for making amazingly heartfelt alternative rock music, Shinazzi’s fifth album Forever & For Now is no exception. Tune after tune of moving melodies and honest lyrics about personal hardships, it’s damn easy to fall under his spell. And, while his video clips always share that same endearingly down-to-earth feel, this time he’s well and truly upped the charm factor.

Sam Shinazzi Chewbacca

He may rip your arms out of your sockets if you beat him at a board game, but Chewbacca is a big softie when it comes to Barbie in Sam Shinazzi’s clip for Ballerina. Will love prevail?

Ballerina, Shinazzi’s latest single from his album, is yet another heartfelt tune. But, once you’ve seen its accompanying video created by Adam T-Bone Taylor, you’ll be remembering it for a whole other reason. Looking like a long-lost episode of Gumby, the blissful harmonica and upbeat drums roll the opening paper cut out credits: Barbie is playing ‘The Ballerina’ and Shinazzi is playing himself (and by himself he means Chewbacca, of course).

Our sweet story begins with Chewie hiding in the paper forest, his bandoleer and bowcaster replaced by an acoustic guitar. Staring at Barbie as she parades past in her blue princess leotard, his stream-of-consciousness croon reveals that, “You look like a ballerina and I want to see you / I want to see you now”. As the soaring harmonica sends the paper hearts aflutter, you know that Ken better watch out ‘cos this Wookiee’s got it real bad for Ballerina Barbie.

Stalking her all the way to the cardboard ballet studio, Chewie’s new mission becomes clear – he’s got to tell this All-American gal how he feels. An angst-filled inner monologue exposes his heart’s desire: “When I see you across the room it’s never a moment too soon / I could be the one that you’re dreaming to meet / I could make you believe”. Whilst Barbie shows off her perfect ten dance moves, Chewie battles with his self-doubts and you really feel for the guy.

No doubt realising that battling the droid army was a much more daunting task, our beast courageously hands his beauty a paper heart. She accepts by sticky-taping it to her hand so she can complete her dance recital – the ultimate sign of true love. After completing her perfect pirouette, Chewie extends his furry hand. Won over by his brutish good looks, she bestows her dainty digits and jumps on his back. Exiting the dance studio together, one can only assume they live happily ever after in the Malibu Dreamhouse and make the best looking Wookiee babies planet Kashyyyk has ever seen.

Telling a heartfelt little story in a ridiculously sweet way, this tacky mash-up is adorable. Just when you think Shinazzi’s music couldn’t get any more endearing, this simple video makes this tune even more loveable. The only thing missing is a good old triumphant Chewbacca HHRRRRRRRAAAAAAAEEERRRR, but that’s cool, this clip is gold.