PREMIERE: Conspiracy of One shares witty brilliance in genius new single

Bending satire and witty humour to his will, Conspiracy of One is leading a crusade of musical exposition, commenting on the curious depths of the human psyche.

Nathan Eggins’ new single, Don’t Forget To Like is a love song from social media to you. Think Tim Minchin meets The Rolling Stones!

Conspiracy of One’s new single Don’t Forget To Like masks witty wordplay and social commentary under a genuinely solid piece of song-craft.

Brisbane’s sultan of science, Conspiracy of One is boldly going where songwriters dare to go, seeking out truth and understanding in a complicated world. If you’re a fan of Tim Minchin you will love Conspiracy of One and his latest single Don’t Forget To Like hits the nail squarely on the head.

As far as I’m concerned there are far too few politically charged artists in todays mainstream. Gone is the hey day of Rage Against The Machine and Midnight Oil, and there is a seriously lacking space in our collective metaphysical void. Thus it is refreshing to see Conspiracy of One striking out on a one man mission to provoke critical thought and positive change. Moreover, the philosophical quest is veiled in the form of catchy, classic rock  that ponders the mysteries of the human psyche while satirising dubious paranormal, alternative and conspiracist claims, ultimately holding a slightly askew mirror to ourselves to spark new perspectives on the universe.

The sardonic wit of Nathan Eggins comes to the fray in his new single Don’t Forget To Like. Written from the perspective of social media, looking out from within everyone’s favourite device and singing a passionate love song to you. It is a great stab of lyricism wrapped in a genuinely interesting cloak of upbeat rock. The great genius of the tune, however, is that if you were an unsuspecting listener you may not notice that protagonist is everyone’s favourite app. It’s not too on the nose and fits into the framework of the song perfectly. On yet another layer, we can realise that the time, passion, and secrets divulged to our social media is just as intimate and time-consuming as any honest human relationship. Slightly discerning if I say so myself.

Nevertheless, Conspiracy of One is leading a crusade of musical inquisition and we suggest you jump onboard!

Catch Conspiracy of One at the final show of his latest tour at The Zoo, Brisbane 25th July for a huge single launch party.

Don’t Forget To Like was recorded with Aidan Hogg (at Plutonium Studios in Brisbane) who has done work on a number of popular releases and it was mastered by Grammy award winning William Bowden (Grammy for Gotye – Somebody that I Used to Know).