PREMIERE: Brisbane’s Corduroy Boy treads uncharted territory on his new EP Structure

Some music is difficult to write about. Not because there’s nothing interesting to say… but because some artists craft a sound so unique to themselves, there isn’t any obvious point of reference.

This is possibly the most endearing quality about Brisbane artist Corduroy Boy – his distance from other artists.

On his new EP Structure, Brisbane’s Corduroy Boy produces a stunning collection of songs, brimming with innovation and experimentation. It’s a truly exciting listen.

Corduroy Boy is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Ben Gibson, who cites avant-garde artists such as Shlohmo, Nine Inch Nails and Tycho as his influences. Though using these artists as any sort of reference point for Corduroy Boy would be futile.

Throughout his new EP Structure, the Brissy artist melds together live instrumentation and electronic production to create mesmerising and immersive sounds that will fill the air around your body.

Over the course of the EP’s seven track duration, Gibson crafts stunning and sprawling soundscapes – seen best on the airy and delicate lead single Loop. On Diva, Corduroy Boy explodes with crunching guitar riffs, cutting through the subdued manner of earlier tracks with a vitriolic energy.

Gibson recorded the EP in his bedroom studio, giving the seven tracks a charming DIY feel.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above… I guarantee it’s unlike anything you’ve heard.