PREMIERE: Corniglia deliver rolling psych bliss on new single A Lost Forgotten Dream

Hailing from Perth, Corniglia is the musical project of Matthew Irwin. His latest release A Lost Forgotten Dream is a slice of rolling psych bliss, with echoey vocals and hypnotic guitar melodies.

The track transcends the listener into deep reflections, oozing with melancholic instrumentation and rolling poetry.

Indie-psych duo Corniglia bring us rolling psych bliss with new single A Lost Forgotten Dream; a hazy and poetic soundscape.

Although previous releases have featured vocals from both Irwin and his partner Chloe De Paoli, Irwin has taken the reigns for A Lost Forgotten Dream.

The song is powerful in its storytelling, with vivid imagery and nostalgic lyricism, which drive the song with emotional meaning. Multi-layered guitar lines in conjunction with kinetic drum patterns give the song a nuanced sound with complex undertones.

Describing the context of the song, Corniglia said:

“It’s waking in a primordial land. It’s waking from a dream. A dream of nature and of man – conjoined twins long separated – both reunited and at war. “

After releasing their self-titled debut album last year, Corniglia have been working hard on releasing new music, with a new album titled On/Off due out in the coming months.

“It’s dark melodic shoegaze. Dark dream pop. Whispery, stunted psych. Surreal and introspective. Disconnection. Discontent. Fraying. A derelict Cyborg Earth. But it is technology overreaching, faltering. The Earth reclaiming power. It’s the future mirroring the distant past. It’s Man and Nature reunited and at war.”

Although this is the first taste of On/Off, we’re beyond excited to hear more from these WA legends!

On/Off is out on July 5th. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to A Lost Forgotten Dream above.