Corniglia's new album On/Off is a sprawling dream-pop universe

PREMIERE: Corniglia’s new album On/Off is a sprawling dream-pop universe

It was back in 2016, with the release of their debut single Oh My Love that we were first introduced to the sprawling dream-pop sounds of Perth outfit Corniglia. Then, in January last year, the duo (then made up of Chloe De Paoli and Matt Irwin) unveiled their stunning debut full-length.

On the eleven-track album, Corniglia’s sound was expanded into something completely immersive. Irwin and De Paoli floated gracefully between delicate dream-pop and fuzzy shoegaze, crafting a collection of tunes that will envelop you completely.

For Corniglia’s second album, On/Off, Irwin has ventured out on his own, and he’s pulled the project’s sound into new and exciting territories.

On his new album On/Off, Perth-based artist Corniglia journeys through worlds of sprawling dream-pop and fuzzed-out psych.

All throughout On/Off, Irwin journeys through vast and hypnotic musical spaces. He creates mini-universes within each of his tracks, and within them, you’ll have no problem getting lost.

All I Ever Wanted Was What You Wanted is the album’s dreamy opener; it never really begins and never really ends. The track fades into existence and fades back out, leaving a strange feeling in your chest—like a memory of a dream that hit you with real emotional resonance.

Metropolis is far darker, journeying into retro synth-pop and clashing prog. With sporadic percussion and searing guitar lines, the track builds into a chugging slab of scuzzy psych.

From here, Irwin navigates myriad sonic territories—he never sits in one place for too long, but his movements are never jolted. He floats between different textures and tones, easing you into each new adventure.

A Lost Forgotten Dream—the album’s lead single—is a standout track, flaunting soaring guitar lines and layers of woozy vocals.

By the time the album’s closing track Tion reaches its dissonant end, you’ll have roped in completely by Corniglia’s vast and hallucinatory sounds.

Listen to On/Off above.