PREMIERE: With a dreamy single and a meticulously crafted stop motion video to match, Corniglia may have just pulled off the debut of the year

Perth-based six-piece Corniglia have burst onto the scene with their debut single Oh My Love, a darkly energetic affair which has already been likened to Beach House, Radiohead and The Sleepy Jackson.

With their ethereal vocals and mellow electronic sounds, it’s not hard to see why these comparisons have been made. Accompanying the single is a crafty video clip, with creativity that further validates comparison to the aforementioned legends.

Composed entirely as a black and white stop-motion video, the band used over one thousand images in creating their masterpiece.


With a stunning single accompanied by an astonishing video, Corniglia have just presented one of the most well-crafted debuts of the year.

Lead singer Chloe De Paoli spent over a week drawing the images in the lead-up to shooting, showing that these newcomers are as dedicated to their art as any musical stalwart.

The video follows an unnamed sailor and his quest to find lost love. Though specific characterisation doesn’t occur, it doesn’t really need to, as the video’s powerful graphics are more than able to explore the song’s themes of emotional connection and love.

The DIY aesthetic and surreal elements of the clip add almost a Yellow Submarine-esque psychedelia. This perfectly compliments the band’s sound, which is both dreamy and recalls some of the neo-psychedelic titans of our time.

Refreshingly, Corniglia never become pretentious or self-indulgent in their atypical video aesthetic or their psychedelic sound. Rather, there’s a down to earth moxie about the clip, as it is both simple in its narrative, but intricate in the amount of work that has obviously gone into the video as a whole.

The more surreal moments in the clip add direction and flavour. Among the most memorable are the sailor constructing a flying boat using a planet for a mast, and the woman emerging from the dirt to search for her lost love.

These moments, along with pretty much the entire clip, are endearingly sincere and wondrously imaginative.

The band have done well in the early stages of their career to attach themselves to such values, and if they continue to craft clips with as much heart as this one, they’ll soon become favourites of the Australian scene.