PREMIERE: Yoga, VHS glitches and meditating angels: Trip out in a technicolour desert with QUAILS' clip for With You -

PREMIERE: Yoga, VHS glitches and meditating angels: Trip out in a technicolour desert with QUAILS’ clip for With You

Returning to VHS with style, Sydney electronic producer and singer-songwriter Amy Pes aka QUAILS has teamed up with Dr Infinite to produce an ambient/psychedelic new music video for her debut single With You.

The clip features repeat spiritual symbols; a man bursts with angel wings and there’s a cohort of people practicing yoga in the desert as well as an irresistable 80s DIY twinge.


With the looped drone of a cassette tape, a neon title splash and digital VHS glitches, With You from QUAILS stays stylishly nostalgic without getting too cheesy.

Imagery of birds flying throughout the clip compliment QUAIL’S themes of flight and freedom consistent in her lyrics, such as “I’m a dark dirty bird, you can hold me down, but I’ma fly.”

With You explores buried love and desire, whith Pes taking inspiration from artists like Tourist and George Fitzgerald, specifically their break up albums. While not strictly a break up tune, it can be cathartic to listen through if you’re stuck in a dead-end relationship.

With You is a part of her recently released self-titled EP co-produced with Barretso, a popular Chilean producer. The six tracks centre on dualist relationships.

The Red Light is about the dominant vs the submissive,” says Pes, while her favourite track, High Hopes, is about two people doing everything they can to stay together. “The intentions are good but sometimes it just isn’t enough to carry on.”

House Not A Home centres on a toxic relationship, focusing on the straining feelings of walking on eggshells and dealing with unnecessary jealousy. “There’s so much tension on that track, which is reflective of what was going on for me when I wrote it.”

When she isn’t concocting QUAILS’ moody, experimental pulses, Amy Pes makes up one third of electronic band Tokyo Denmark Sweden, and has worked with other dance and electronic artists such as Tom Piper and Skin & Bones. After years working on collabs in the Sydney scene, she’s made the move to go solo.

“There is a whole lot more freedom to doing it on your own. It’s kind of like your call on everything…While that sounds great, there is also the downside of not really having anyone else to bounce off.’

Citing influences the likes of SG Lewis, Ross From Friends, Banks, SZA and Jessie Ware, Pes likes to keep things dark, soulful and twisted in her solo pursuits.

What’s next after With You? Pes is already getting on top of her next EP, packed with fresh songs featuring Husky, Acaddamy and a sneaky international producer.

Keep an eye out on summer festivals, she’ll be up on the big stage soon.