After 8 years of teasing, the long awaited Daniel Johns and Luke Steele collab could finally be close

Is this collab ever going to happen? Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns and Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson and Empire of the Sun fame have been pretty enigmatic about the whole ordeal, dropping hints about as frequently as Frank Ocean drops an album.

Today, it looks like we might have received the most notable news yet. Pray with Daniel.


Daniel Johns and Luke Steele are Australian pop heavyweights, and a collaboration between the two would be nothing short of delicious.

Johns and Steele have been playing Blue’s Clues with their supposed collaborative record since 2008. Over the years the behind-closed-doors tracks have been called everything from pop, to country, and even an African-influenced record.

In 2013, Steele told Pedestrian TV the name of the enigmatic collab would be Hathaway and Palmer. This was just before Empire of the Sun released their second album Ice On The Dune, and that was the last we heard on the matter – it presumably disappeared into the black hole where other promising supergroup rumours go to die.

Today though, Johns posted a photo of the pair on instagram with the message “early DREAMS cumin soon”. Is early dreams the name of the long-awaited collab? Could the recordings from Johns’ home studio in 2008 finally be seeing the light of day? Or will this just be the next step in this eight year long tease?

See the insta post below:


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