Belleune loses the plot on playful new single ‘Let’s go see a movie’

Equal parts R&b sizzler and pure pop confection, Belleune’s new single Let’s go see a movie will have you lusting over a newfound crush. 

Belleune has released Let’s go see a movie, a playful ode to a youthful kind of love that serves as the singer’s first single of 2024.

A lighthearted track that compares romance to a trip to the movies, the track opens with bouncy, R&b rhythms and catchy percussive flairs.

Belleune single

There’s a sparseness to the production in the opening moments, coasting mostly on subtle backing synths and whispery vocal riffs. 

What begins as a simmering heater of 808 beats and sensual snares later transforms into something punchier, as Belleune unleashes on an explosive chorus of dazzling instrumental flairs.

Here, whirring synths and jittering percussion make way for a sonic release, as Belleune belts out ascendent vocals and textured harmonies. 

Belleune single

Perhaps the major drawcard of Let’s go see a movie is its elasticity — flitting between sauntering rhythms and moments of pop confection with finesse.

While the verses see Belleune adopt the tantalising stylings of Lara Andallo or Tinashe, the chorus could feel at home in the pop corners of Chappell Roan — a testament to her versatility and ability to play with structure and form. 

While the production of the single feels suited for a bedroom romp, the lyrics are a much more whimsical affair. Belleune lusts after a muse with vivid detail, mentioning stolen kisses and the kind of whirlwind romance that “get[s] me high, get[s] me drunk.”

Belleune single

Using the analogy of the movies, the singer-songwriter deploys clever lyrics about losing the plot and mentions of the film playing on screen. 

What all of it amounts to is a track that remains committed to having fun, while also delivering intentional choices and refining Belleune’s unique sound.

Let’s go see a movie is the first of multiple projects set for release by this year by Belleune, who promises some fresh new collaborations on the horizon, too.

In the meantime, listen to Belleune’s new single Let’s go see a movie below.